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ANGELS - Bartolo Colon Fantasy Baseball League Analysis

Bartolo Colon Fantasy Baseball Analysis

If your fantasy baseball league favors Wins, Bartolo Colon is a good bet for 17-22
If your league favors WHIP, expect 1.19 - 1.31
His Ks have dipped into a 145 - 165 range.

If he is healthy and averaging 6+ innings per start in June, trade for him - he gets stronger as the game goes on and as the season goes on. The # of IP relative to the league average (balanced against his ERA being at least half a run lower than the league's) is the best way to know if Bartolo is going to have another great season.

His injury concerns are a little higher than average, but as the WBC displayed, he is fine after last year's muscle tear.

Once Johann Santana, Rich Harden and Roy Holliday are taken in the draft, Colon is a safe 2nd round selection if you took a mashing bat over a golden arm. If a lot of stat wonks are in the league, Colon should still be available in the 3rd round and you can laugh all the way to the title as they ignore him.