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ANGELS - Chone Figgins Fantasy Baseball League Analysis

Chone Figgins Fantasy Baseball Analysis

If your fantasy baseball league favors Stolen Bases and runs scored, let someone else nab Scott Podsednik and Ichiro, Figgy is your go-to guy. He will easily be neck and neck with these two in SB, but he is a dream to lock into the lineup in any position - a quick injury fill-in that gives a manager peace of mind instead of forcing you to make a trade or start a scrub.

If your league favors batting average, Figgy is .290 - .310

Follow the Angels a little closer - if their offense is producing, Figgy is the sparkplug, and his fantasy manager is benefiting. If things are rusty in Anaheim it may show up in lowered run totals, Chone is great trade bait, especially to a team with a key injury, as he looks like the missing piece to the puzzle and you may be able to fill-in two weaknesses in exchange.

He is still young and doesn't whine. Barring disaster he is a guarantee to see 150+ games.

Cornering the market on Speed and Saves early in the draft when everyone is going for power hitters and Rotation Aces is one way to game a lopsided league scoring system in your favor. If your league ignores speed, though, Figgy is an afterthought .