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Spring Training with McMillin and Wife

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Rob McMillin and his wife Helen are in Tempe, AZ for Spring Training.
Here is one of many crisp anecdotes from the Lucid Duck's blog:

Maybe the most purely fun moment of the game -- for me, anyway -- was when Mike Napoli came to the plate.

Rob: Mmm, Mike Napoli. Dude either swings and misses, or the ball goes over the fence.
Napoli: swings and misses
Helen: Ah.
Napoli: homers

Napoli's having a decent spring in very limited at bats (.368/.455/.588 in 17 AB), but three-true-outcomes heroes probably won't be so welcome in the Angels, and so I imagine he'll go off to some other club in need of catching depth.

Read all about the Cactus League Angels on Rob's 6-4-2 So.Cal Baseball Blog, albeit temporarily relocated one time zone to the east for the week.