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ANGELS - Vladimir Guerrero Fantasy Baseball League Analysis

Vladimir Guerrero Fantasy Baseball Analysis

He is not as fast as he used to be, so if you are lining up his potential with an elite High OPS bat, ignore the high SBs of his Montreal years if that is any sort of final gauge of who you will be picking first.

Other than A-Rod, Pujols and maybe Miguel Cabrera, Vlad is simply the ultimate centerpiece of any team's offense.

Vlad's flaw may be a weak LAA lineup that inspires more intentional walks from opponents. Pay attention to Mike Scioscia's lineup construction and the players protecting Guerrero in the lineup. If they are below average, #27 will have far fewer production opportunities.

If your league is a counting stat haven and this situation manifests, dangle Big Daddy Vladdy as trade bait before the all-star break.

Still waiting for the 2003 offseason predictions of the Mets' team doctors to come to pass? A likelier scenario is a boneheaded bang-up from some klutzy play. Pencil Vlad in for a certain 130 games, but the aches and pains are bound to demand a little rest.

Vlad will be one of the first players taken in any draft.