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Monday's Fresh Angel Haiku

Angels are off today, so it is...
Monday Means Angel Haiku

In case you didn't have the hot substitute teacher in 7th grade who gave everyone lesons in writing Haiku instead of checking the math homework, it goes like this:
5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

Kendry is tempting
Salmon is sentimental
Who can hit the curve?

City council beat
Arte Moreno pauses
Who is here but Vlad?

Garret and Darin
Aching Two Thousand Two Ghosts
Anchors or dead weight?

Scioscia loves old guys
Alfonso makes eight million
Triple A D-Mac?

They don't have to be questions like all mine turned out to be, alright? So now it is your turn, click below on "Comment" and compose...