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Season Ticket Day

Season tickets arrived today via UPS. This year's tickets feature the faces of the four highest-paid Angels (Vladdie, Colon, G.A. and Erstad) along with Scioscia and a Divisional Championship Logo. Those six tickets comprise a page in the 14-page book. Ah yes, 6x14 = 84. After 81 home games, what could the 3 remaining tickets be? Two Dodger Angel Preaseason Games and a ticket for the August 20th Season Seatholder only photo day.

I added two tickets to my account, two seats a few rows back, one of which is L7.

Our blog's #1 poster, yeswecan bought some tix from me, and what were the chances that he would be going to the game (Wed, May 31 against the Twins) where they are giving out a 12-pack Cooler? It is obviously a predestined event in the course of human events. I have a feeling cupie is all over the 2nd seat to that game. That is the game you should bring a camera to.

The box also had some flyers of local advertisers, the booklet of Angel Stadium's rules and regulations, a gift leatherette personal organizer (which is already up on eBay, courtesy of Mrs. Halofan) and a season seatholder pin (actually four of them for me, one for each seat) which my gal chose to pin to her red leather jacket instead of unleashing into commerce.

My first eBay auctions for tickets will appear on Tuesday and Wednesday. Like an idiot I bought the bold listing on one of them.

And if you think that my photoshopping skills are amateurish, take a look at Vladdie's helmet - the famous tarstain is retouched red in the foreground, while the shadow remains in midseason form - serving only to blot out the Haloed "A" logo.