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Happy Birthday To HH

This is the 847th Story posted to Halos Heaven and Today is our 1st birthday.

We have had 135,000+ visitors as of Midnight Eastern Time and 441,000+ page views in our first year.

The highlight of the past 365 days was beating the Yankees in Game 5 of the ALDS, as it represented a BENCHMARK OF ANGEL FAN PROWESS on the national stage.

My personal season highlight is discussed in this post.

The lowlight was the post-Eddings inability to regroup in the ALCS, but that pre-All Star break sweep by the Mariners underscored the problems with the '05 team that manifested like clockwork in mid-October. I had to remove and/or alter my posts from that Mariners series - they almost got me fired. They almost got me arrested!

Before you have some cake, check out My First Post Here and guess which other HH posters are in the first pic posted.

Speaking of other posters... in August, yeswecan (with an assist from cupie) took the site to a whole new level by instigating the infamous PANTHER Game Post, which gave us our own mascot - how many team fan sites have an independently-appointed mascot?

Finally ... give yourselves a hand - this is a community, I am your Caligula at times, but this is a place for Angels baseball to be discussed and enjoyed. We did the Top 100 Angels together this offseason - hey, there were not any real moves to analyze... Okay, you can have some cake...

This cake is the 99th picture posted to the website for you stat freaks keeping detailed notes.