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Spring Training Game VEINTEUNO

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Thanks to Rob for posting last night's ST Game Thread - I was stuck in classic L.A. traffic

I started to write up a screed against Sheffield and Giambi for not getting their fair share of the steroid heat accorded Barry Bonds, but I lost any desire, I don't care that passionately about it and I am a feeler, not a thinker, gotta feel it to write it, gotta believe it before I even know what it is.

Anyway, this afternoon's game:
The Choakland Februaries take on the Seraphim Army of SoCali Cali today in Tempe, Arizona.

Pitching for the visitors is Dan Meyer, the prize of Billy Beane's vaunted Tim Hudson Trade. Yep, Dan Meyer, heh heh heh, they don't call `em Choakies for nuthin'...

For the Good Guys, it is Ervin Santana pitching, a kid who wiggles his hips funny walking off the mound after making big jock types look like little girls at the plate.

Game time is 12:05 p.m. in the Pacific Time Zone

Join us after the game right here for the Angels' portion of the A.L. West Roundtable.