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The Tim Salmon Dilemma Solving Itself

Before today, I never really thought Tim Salmon would be the Opening Day DH for the Angels. But after today's performance, 2 for 4 with a three-run homer (albeit off of Mariners pitching), I can finally wrap my brain around the idea of Kingfish at bat in a meaningful game. I don't see him lasting the season really, but there could be a great few weeks ahead for a little almost-nostalgia each time he comes to the plate.

Today's Box Score

Garret Anderson played Left Field and was tentative in making any pronouncements... if this is some ongoing soap opera it will not help anyone or anything - either DL it, snip it and see you in August or... is there a third option (sure as shyte ain't G.A.D.H.)... oh yes, the third option is ... Snakes on a Plane.

Bjoern from Bonn Examines Garret's Future Here

Quietly, Scot Shields is totally sucking (as in a 20.25 ERA) the big one in Spring. I know, I know, these are meaningless games, but suck is still suck. Maybe J.C. CarrascoBulgerYan ain't so bad...

The recipe for D-Mac:
1. Shut the fuck up.
2. Fly to Salt Lake (preferably without any snakes)
3. Pretend the ball is Bill Stoneman's bald head
4. Smash the shit out of it
5. Get back to where you once belonged by June.

On the flip side, Figgy and Casey-K are right where we want them, and do we take Vlad for granted or what?
No reptilian passengers on Air-Guerrero.