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Spring Training Game VEINTECINCO

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GAME THREAD - Angels visit the Padres
Kelvim Escobar vs. Woody Williams - 6:05 pm at sunset in So Cal

The Padres will be one of our inter-league opponents this season. Why does spellcheck not recognize "interleague" as one word? Was MS Word programmed by a baseball purist? A better question: Why does it not recognize "spellcheck" as one word?

An even better question: If you want to see the Sunday Dodger Angel Freeway Series game in Anaheim, would you prefer to buy some reasonably priced seats? OF course you would - and they are right here. Today's game is an extended freeway series of sorts, but it is not like I know the directions between Peoria and Tempe.

In other news, The Halosphere Fantasy League had its draft yesterday, time to bandwagon up for The Mighty Reverends.