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So four Angels are going to represent Hugo Chavez' Venezuela: Frankie, Escobar, Juan Rivera, and Fonzie (the old Met nickname for Edgardo Alfonzo). They left today to begin training in Clearwater Florida, home of the free personality test. Hope they don't lose any of those Winning Thetans they seem to have acquired.

Meanwhile, Bartolo Cyyoung is going to pitch for Haiti West, so he left for Kissimmee, Florida. I am not sure if Erick Aybar is going with him as well, hopefully there will be no head-bouncers in this tournament.

Scot Shields can walk a few miles down to train with Team USA in Phoenix. That is it for Angels in the WBC. Maybe we should send scouts to the pot bars in Amsterdam and get some Angels on Team Holland!

In other Bartolo news, he wore his red mitt and slaughtered two innings worth of Brewers minor leaguers in a charity game Thursday afternoon. The real Cactus league starts for the Angels Friday with the Padres visiting us in Tempe at 1:05 p.m.

And now for our Stat of the Day:
Value Over Replacement Cop
VORC is measured differently by taxpayers than it is by cops.

Cops measure VORC over how many surfer-looking dudes they can harrass outside of bars on rowdy weekends and jack up that end-of-the-month chickenshit arrest quota level by making arrests for "not being able to be around others"

Taxpayers measure VORC over cops who actually do their job instead of jerking around with this frat-boy like machismo bullshit.

Long Beach California has a very low VORC these days - a negative VORC even. Just ask Jered Weaver.