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Spring Training Games VEINTEOCHO Y NUEVE

Milwaukee Brewers at Angels de Tempe, 11:05 a.m. in SoCal - Chris Capuano v. John Lackey
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at San Francisco Giants, 7:05 Pacific Time - Jered Weaver v. Matt Morris

Looks like we are only going to see 50 games on television this season as the $500 million, 10 year deal with FSN is kaput. Nah, Arte will find a way even if he has to buy airtime on KDOC, pre-empting reruns of Hogan's Heroes.

The FSN deal fell apart as Arte sees webcasts as the future (in less than ten years, i.e., during the length of the deal) and didn't want to sign over the rights to them for a pittance. It was a great TV deal but a bad multimedia deal.