Ken Arneson's 2006 Postseason Projections

You'll love this.

Everyone thinks the Angels will have great pitching but have trouble scoring. The converse will be true. One or more of their top 7 pitchers (5 starters, Shields, KRod) will get hurt, and the dropoff will be painful. So they'll trade Adam Kennedy for a pitcher, promote one or more of their young studs, and then they'll be better than ever. The A's and the Angels will end up tied for the best record in the American League, but the A's will lose the tiebreaker. The Rangers will be in the race until August when they'll suddenly go on an untimely losing streak and fall out of the race. The Mariners will be respectable, as well, but their total lack of pitching depth will doom them. They're in the wrong division.

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