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Spring's been sprung

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We are breaking camp without our best pitcher (Jered Weaver), without our best 3B, SS, 2B or DH (McPherson, Wood, Kendrick, Kendry), with a gimpy (G.A., Erstad) and/or untested (Figgy, Rivera) outfield, two part-time catchers, a bullpen restructured with journeymen and a new third base coach.

Oh and Vladimir Guerrero.

Come September, A.L. West title with a week to spare.

Simply put, with our minor league mojo, we are the deepest team in the major leagues. The flexibility this allots us over the season will be astounding. The rationalizations from every blind idiot posing as an analyst will be twists and turns of logic, but they won't change the facts. And the facts this season are going to be simply "W" many, many times.

I don't expect baseball geeks who have never dated a woman to admit to knowing the taste of humble pie (they cannot admit they are wrong as it is not a button on their calculator), but admitting and swallowing are two separate things. An intense heartburn among the Mister-Spok-at-the-bat set will be caused by the big slice being served up this season in Anaheim.

...and now the freeway series...