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A Wacky Legal Idea That Just Might Work!

So the judge ruled that they jury decision was legal tender and that the city of Anaheim is basically stewed, screwed and tattooed.

So now Arte will be clamoring for the $7 million that he spent on the legal crapola - and the clamor is right toward Anaheim's city hall.

Well here is some advice for Curt Pringle aka Count Pringula on how to pay back Arte and save face doing it:

Mister Pringle, publicly offer Arte the following settlement:
Anaheim allows Arte to drop the "of Anaheim" from the team name and Anaheim will forego acepting any parking monies from the stadium for four seasons - which adds up to about $14 million. Arte can keep half of that and half of that is asked to be passed on to Angel fans by knocking a buck or two off of stadium parking fees. This will be a way to illustrate that the mayor was always about putting the fans first - you know, political B.S. that people eat up come election time.

With the offer made public, Arte is on the spot to look good by helping out Joe Fan, but Arte wins - he gets his team name and his money - we win by paying less for parking, the mayor probably wins re-election, everybody wins, including hopefuly the team on the field.