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TAG - You're It - 4 L.A. Things meme...

Regular site visitor MATT WELCH pinged me on a blog litany thingy about L.A. and here it is Friday night and I ain't got nothin' to do (seems there is a lot of that going on ), so here ya go, Matt:

Four Jobs I've Had in my Life in L.A.:
Lathe operator at Bal-Tec
Bartender at Al's Bar
Freelance Writer at The Los Angeles Downtown News
Art Theory Lecturer, Claremont Graduate School

Four Movies About LA I Could Watch Over and Over:
The Long Goodbye
The Decline of Western Civilization
Naked Gun

Four Places I've Lived All Over L.A. (With Food Memories From Each):
Huntington Park (Azteca de Oro, a restaurant owned by a dwarf with a $4 nachos asada plate that I could never finish)
Garment District (This lady brought tamales by twice a week, it was all we ate)
Skid Row (The Pantry, duh!)
Little Tokyo (I've eaten more sushi in this lifetime than many residents of Big Tokyo)

Four LA-Themed Shows I Love(d) to Watch:
The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,
Sanford and Son,
The Brady Bunch,
Angels Baseball
is L.A. themed, right? - court ordered L.A. theme!

Four LA-Based Websites I Visit Daily:
Craigslist L.A Rants and Raves
Rob McMillin's 6-4-2 L.A. baseball blog
The Coagula blog
My subscription to Suicide Girls expired, but I came in 2nd place in their Yahoo Fantasy baseball league.

Four of my Favorite Foods Found in LA:
French Dip at Phillipe's - Lamb Sandwich with Bleu Cheese Double Dipped
Thai Cobb salad at Fred 62
The Hamburger at Barbara's at the Brewery
Japanese Food - gotta be Suehiro!

Four Places in LA I Would Rather Be Right Now:
i-5 Gallery
The Vista Theater if something good were playing
Hawaiian Gardens Casino

So now I gotta pick FOUR people...

I don't know who even lives in L.A.... okay, okay, scareduck, yeswecan who can vouch for my hamburger selection, Jack Frost and anyone else who wants to dive into the deep end...