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Spring Training Game TRES

Official Game Thread

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim versus the Philakansoak Athletics of Phoenix

Kevin Gregg versus Kirk Spockloos

Random iTunes Lyrics:
Poor boy, in the hotel called the Palace of Gloom
Calls down to room service, says, "Send up a room"

These two teams are going to meet a lot this year. A whole lot.

The Angels have Vlad, Bartolo, some remaining cast members of 2002 and a burgeoning crop of rookie superstars.

Oakland's got a boring, efficient, slow team with lively arms, power potential and every sports forecaster in their corner.

What I like best about Oakland is that their fans are rabid and committed, unlike the laidback Southern California fans (obviously, Halos Heaven posters are not about whom I speak).

The Angels have maybe ten to fifteen percent of the stadium going apeshit over every pitch, whereas in Oakland, from my personal observation, it is closer to half. They bring drums, giant flags, inside-joke signage, attitude if you will; meanwhile Angel fans just get up for more nachos.

I don't personally like San Jose's fans, but it can get pretty old at an Angels game with everyone bringing their spoiled as shit kids, talking on cellphones loudly and standing up for that all important every-half-inning-ass-scratch.

It may be Spring Training but I feel in midseason form - put me in Scioscia, I'm ready to play!