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Trade Rumors

A good source from within the organization sent me some good leads...

So many teams are scouting Dallas McPherson that if he explodes this Spring, Angel GM Stoneman is prepared to be bowled over by a multi-player offer and is planning a few contingency trades.This might explain recent discussions for what was initially a confusing trade possibility of Adam Kennedy to the Astros for Jason Lane.

If you think The Red Sox want the Moon for Manny Ramirez, you should hear the list of players the Marlins want in a trade for Miguel Cabrera - but they called twice after being told no, not to change their offer, just to underscore thir seriousness in wanting to trade MC. Word around the Cactus League is that the Cubs are going all out to land him.

The reason that every team in baseball asks for Scot Shields from the Angels is that Bill Stoneman has never stopped the discussion before the offer is made - which is his usual tactic if and when certain untouchable Angels roll off the lips of another team's GM.

Brendan Donnelly's arbitration eligibility and subsequent settlement killed all interest by possible trading partners.