Our #2 starter -- 41st in baseball!

According to Part 2 of the Hardball Times Top 50 pitchers.

Here's the sniffy little blurb:

41. John Lackey: Analysts are on the fence as to whether Lackey just had his breakout season in 2005. I think he did, and should have a hard time posting an ERA under 3.50 while allowing so many baserunners. The 200 Ks are beautiful, and World Series memories might inflate his price some more. Maybe he builds upon the 3.44 ERA, but I'm leaning more towards 3.94.
Danny Haren, to pull one name out of a hat, was 28th. Here's what Tim Dierkes says about Danny:
28. Dan Haren: Acquiring Haren probably ranks as Billy Beane's best trade. The 25-year-old had an excellent 2005, and I expect a very similar year in 2006. Perhaps the WHIP will rise a tick, but I don't want to nit-pick. Problem is, one of last year's very best sleepers is now a known commodity after winning 14 games. You'd probably have to go past $10 to get him, and that won't result in positive value.
Gosh, sounds like Haren's a whole lot better than Lackey, right? Um...

14-12, 3.73 ERA, 163/56 K/BB in 217 IP, 24 yrs old
14-05, 3.44 ERA, 199/71 K/BB in 209 IP, 26 yrs old, panther

No other Halo besides Bart (24th) made the Top 50. Joe Blanton was 33rd, Barry Zito 18th, Rich Harden 7th.

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