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Make Room For Howie: Version 1 - Trade Kennedy

Let's accept what appear to be the facts: Howie Kendrick is major-league ready. You can parse about whether his glove is at the caliber of Adam Kennedy's but barring the presence of such a prestigious veteran, the decision would be obvious.

The decision might actually start to create a little friction among team management. If Kennedy is to be traded, his value will be highest as Spring Training winds down. Given two months to risk that he bat .280 while Kendrick is at .333 in Salt Lake, the snake in the grass that is Bill Stoneman could make the move.

Packaging Kennedy with McPherson, Erick Aybar and Jered Weaver could net the Angels Miguel Cabrera. Then it is just a July 31 bidding for Orlando Cabrera until Brandon Wood debuts and then hold your breath until Nick Adenhart is major league ready.