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L.A. Dodgers Baseball Blog

Just in time for the baseball season, the SBNation has added its thirtieth baseball blog:
TrueBlue L.A, a blog devoted the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In honor of the new kids on the block, here are the five things I like about the Dodgers:

1. Vin Scully
When the Dodgers play the Angels, there is no doubt at all to whom most fans of both teams will listen call the game. His brilliant improvisational poetry adds an intelligent and stimulating dimension to the game that make other broadcasts feel empty.

2. The new Richie Rich seats
I have seen three games from the bitchin' dugout seats at Dodger Stadium and, along with the free buffet behind home plate, there are few tickets in town more desirable than these.

3. Eric Gagne's Entrance
This might be the most electric experience to be a part of as a fan - the flashing "Game Over" logo, the Guns-N-Roses blasting, along with the roaring pre-victorious certainty of the crowd.
Consider this:
Since the Dodgers are not playing a lilting French-Canadian tune to Gagne's entrance (Dress Rehearsal Rag by Leonard Cohen, anyone?), why in the hell do the Angels capitulate with that tepid Mambo crap that welcomes Frankie and engages nobody?

4. Welcoming Back Old-Timers
At almost every Dodger Game there seems to be some alumni player in attendance, in the stands, and the crowd always gives them a hearty, warm welcoming applause. I witnessed this for Bill Buckner of all people and it seemed like a relief that the ex-Dodger (among other things) had found an oasis in which he could relax.

5. Randy Newman
They play I Love L.A. after each victory, and in a disconnected, sprawling city with no civic pulse, it is the only touchstone I have ever experienced of feeling a common bond with my fellow citylenos. The Lakers did do it first, as far back as the 1980s.

But it is the team, the ownership, the fans and the primary color that just don't cut it...