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Light that thing...

Angels WIN

Final Score in Anaheim:

TEX - 2-5-2
LAA - 5-11-0

WP: Lackey (1-1)

LP: Loe (0-2)

Save: F. Rodriguez (4)

Panther of the Game:
John Lackey

Time: 2:25

ATT: 38,003

This game was a textbook illustration of the Scioscia Slap-Hitting with Two outs approach (SHT for short).

G.A., Figgy, Cabby, Vladdy and A.K. had Ribbys with 2 outs, while Lackey did the heavy lifting, Shields set it up and Frankie closed it out.

They gave away little pennants with the Angels Division Championship years on them - what was cool was that it was sonsored by Ameriquest and the Rangers play in Ameriquest park and we OWNED their football-lovin red necks tonight, corporate sponsor and all!