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Angels WIN

Final Score in Anaheim:

TEX - 4-10-1
LAA - 5-11-0

WP: Romero (1-0)

LP: Cordero (0-1)

Panther of the Game:
Darin Erstad

Time: 2:47

ATT: 40,012

The stadium was a little redder than usual as Cap Night bespeckled the audience - the little Chevy logo on the back adjustable velcro was a pleasant and unobtrusive gold, just like Darin "Golden Grit" Erstad getting on base when we needed him most.

Jeff Weaver actually had close to a quality start in this one and the Blalock homers were of the Ameriquest Moonshot variety to be sure.

The Rally Monkey is 1-0 this season at the stadium.

Cupie got told to watch his mouth in the family section - I told him This is not Halos Heaven!

But it was heaven at the ballpark with a come from behind win courtesy of Adam Kennedy.

In the words of my girlfriend:
Is the manager of Texas EVER gonna learn that changing your pitchers that many times never works?!?!?!?