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Angels score less runs than their opponents in the alloted number of innings


Final Score in Anaheim:

TEX - 11-13-0
SEA - 3-8-1

WP: Koronka (1-1)

LP: Escobar (1-1)

Blame of the Game:
Orlando Cabrera

Time: Ended, for all intents and purposes, after about an hour and five minutes

ATT: 42,911

Vladimir Guerrero left the game with the stomach flu.
Bacteria gets such bad press - watching this game is what gave it to him.

Fortunately, the SB Nation servers were pulled offline early in the game. Thank you for saving us the pain...

I was at the stadium and can report that by the 8th inning, it felt like a mid-1990s game, maybe ten thousand people watching the Angels get their asses kicked by the Rangers. The only things missing were Gary DiSarcina, Ivan Rodriguez and butt-ugly uniforms on the home team.