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Longball Defeat


Final Score in Baltimore:

LAA - 5-7-0
BAL - 6-9-2

WP: Byrdak (1-0)

LP: Shields (1-1)

Blame of the Game:
Scot Shields

Time: 2:20

ATT: 45,415

I guess with the wind blowing out and the home plate umpire giving everyone six strikes, this was bound to happen.

Shields giving up a long fly-homer after a career of groundball outs tells you that this was a windy night.

Of course, the score might have been 1-0 Baltimore had there been no breeze, as 4 Angel homeruns happening in any game this season is ... uh... unlikely...

Perhaps it is better that we lost it in the 9th than to have gone into some 17-inning affair at the start of ten game road trip.

No rest for the wicked, game is on tomorrow early, 1:30 in the afternoon.