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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 10/162

GAME THREAD - Angels at Orioles - 4:05 pm PDT
Ervin Santana v. Rodrigo Lopez

Hey folks, it is a road trip. A long ass road trip. After a 4-2 homestand we are facing the middlings of the East, the upstarts of the Central and the karmic inevitability that is the Oakland Green Weenies.

Ten frickin' games, 4 against the Humid Birds, 3 against the Puckett Baggies, and 3 against the Fremont Double-Decker Tarps.

We start the road trip against a pitcher who has been pretty good against us, especially considering he is a SLIGHTLY above average Righty (I originally spelled that "SLITHLY" and maybe that better describes the man on the mound).

Scouting Report:
Some Angel batters v. Lopez
Basically, Adam Kennedy is 1 for 18 with 5 strikeouts and that isn't even the worst of the lot...
Let's just hope Vlad is over the Stomach flu...

Random iTunes Lyrics
Because of a few songs wherein I spoke of their mystery,
women have been exceptionally kind
to my old age.

My Runs and Hits Picks:
LAA - 4, 9
BAL - 3, 9