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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 11/162

GAME THREAD - Angels at Orioles - 1:30 pm PDT
Bartolo Colon v. Eric Bedard

I think everyone is rested and Bartolo is ready to show he has the shyte. Prior to Bedard, the last time we faced a Lefty Canadian, Pierre Trudeau was selling us on the Montreal Olympic package. This game should go a long way into revealing whether or not Bartolo is healthy. If he is tentative, it is time for a rest on the 15 Day Buffet Line. Weaver and Saunders could replace him and Escobar just to keep Los Machismos honest...

Scouting Report:
Some Angel batters v. Bedard

G.A. 4/9 1.000 ops
Vlad 2/7 2 HR 1.302 ops
Robb Quinlan 2/5 .800 ops

Random iTunes Lyrics
Two steps forward
Don't say I didn't warn you
Two steps forward
"Aah...........I didn't warn you"

Beat my Runs and Hits Picks:
LAA - 7, 9
BAL - 5, 6

TV: K-Cop