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Light it up back home

Angels WIN

Final score in Baltimore:

LAA 9-13-0
BAL 3-8-1

<--How about 'DEM bunnies?

Winning Pitcher: John Lackey (2-1)

Loser: Kris Benson (1-2)

Panther of the Game:
Maicer Izturis

Time of the ballgame: 2:42

Attendance: 19, 904

We capitalized on a number of opportunities today. The method in which Angels baseball is designed to be played was made flesh and dwelt among us. Most impressive was the double steal, home and 2nd by Izzy/Figgy.

Lackey is the Ace until further notice. Izturis was an impressive presence in the lineup. I could see him at 2nd if Kennedy is traded for pitching and Kendrick needs more Triple A experience- and with that Frankie Hammy-time with one out in the 9th, well, hah, stranger things have happened. Kennedy and K-Gregg for Houston's Lidge and Lane.