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My picture with Erstad

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Thanks to false cognate for the Photo Diary.

I wore my white Angels 1981 Satin Jacket with a black shirt for all of the four games I attended during the opening homestand, going 3-1 (the defeat coming in the final game, necessitating a change of clothes prior to the next home games).

So from that seat, with my totally bitchin new binoculars I spotted Rich Lederer in the first row behind the Angels dugout and could tell his Angels hat had the 2002 World Series Logo on its side. My girlfriend noted that she could spot the quarter-sized Majestic logo on the left cheek of the pitcher's behind. The Celestron 15x70 Binoculars from Amazon Dawtcom makes those seats like Diamond Club seats (minus the Newport Beach attitude!)... oh, and the price went down 20 bucks since I bough them two weeks ago!