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D-Mac D-Moted

Dallas McPherson was sent down to the minor leagues as the rosters were finalized for the opening of the 2006 baseball season.

Maicer Izturis, Edgardo Alfonso and Robb Quinlan are all on the big club as infield reserves.

This is no slam on McPherson, as he requires consistent at-bats to be game ready. The team could easily cut Fonzie in favor of D-Mac - but Dallas riding the pine is not in the best interests of the club or the player.

Here is the conundrum - say Cabrera or Kennedy is traded. Do you call up D-Mac as a 3B and switch Figgy to SS or 2B, what with Kendrick and Wood (as well as Erick Aybar) waiting in the wings for those positions? Do you go with the hot hand? The embarrassment of riches in our minor leagues could start to be a stepping on of toes, or at least egos.

The same could be said if there is a shift among DHs Salmon, Rivera, G.A. ... do you bring up D-Mac after moving Figgy into Center if the bullpen is shaky and a twelfth pitcher may be in order?

At some point, will Figgy's versatility be seen as more curse than blessing? Funny how his name always pops into the positional depth charts.

Glad it is my job to just talk smack amidst a little analysis - these roster decisions require such a cold separation of heart and head.