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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 19/162

GAME THREAD - Angels at Athletics - 1:05 pm PDT
Kelvim Escobar v. Esteban Loaiza

Doug Eddings is behind the plate, but Josh Paul is most definitely not behind the dish. Riddle me this - is Jeff Weaver any good or does Oakland's offense stink? Esteban Loaiza was the stupidest acquisition of any offseason since the Chan Ho Park deal. Oaky Choaky has a pitching version of the Jermaine Dye contract.

Scouting Report:
Some Angel Batters Against Haren
Fonzie 6/16 .944 ops
Vladdie 9/22 1.031 ops
Kennedy 11/20 1.391 ops
Figgie 8/11 1.841 ops

Bespectacaled, manicured, de-spurred, Kelvim Escobar is all about attention to the little details. I do hope he gets a comfortable enough lead to throw a pitch that crushes the windpipe of Doug Eddings rendering the umpire gasping for air while everyone just stands around and watches his last minutes on Earth. It would underscore what a pathetic wretch he has always been.

Random iTunes Lyrics
Lord almighty, I feel my temperature risin'
higher and higher, it's burning through to my soul.
Girl, girl, girl, you're gonna set me on fire,
my brain is flamin', I don't know which way to go.

Beat my Runs and Hits Picks:
LAA - 9, 14
OAK - 1, 6

TV: Kay Cop