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Angels WIN

Panther of the Game:
Vladimir Guerrero (with a thumbs-up to Kennedy's leather)

Dough Eddings had a strike zone that was higher than a Cal State Humboldt sorority girl on her first ecstasy trip. Figgy had Two Kays Looking and it appeared he was ready to cry after the 2nd one. Don't cry Figgy, Vladdie Claus was comin' to town...

Escobar was good, battled a weird strike zone that seemed constructed to mess with a sinkerballer's head, but not this time Eddings, nope.

What is the name of the idiot who signed Esteban Loaiza to a three year, $21 million contract?

On the flipside, i could have given two shits about Nick Swisher at the start of the season, big friggin' whoop, but I gotta say, after this series, I am officially afeared of the bat and leather of that motherfucker.

Sorry for you casual fans who are looking for a fun fan site and wind up submerged in the turgid prose of dense post-game analysis.