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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 20/162

GAME THREAD - Tigers at Angels - 7:05 pm PDT
Kenny Rogers v. Ervin Black Magic Santana

Kenny is like a goddamned vampire refusing to die. Maybe Howie Kendrick is in the lineup tonight and doesn't know any better than to go 4 for 4 against Mister Happy.

Scouting Report:
Some Angel Batters Against Rogers
Vladdie 10/20 1.424 ops
Erstie 25/77 .919 ops
Wally Joyner 7/28 .597 ops (just seeing if you were paying attention)

Black Magic has his work cut out for him tonight as the cool weather should conspire to keep the those high flyballs within the fences... but it doesn't take a band that played at Woodstock to remind you that you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. See that is the difference between planned and random lyrics...

Random iTunes Lyrics
In the sweet old country where I come from, nobody ever works,
nothing ever gets done,
we hang fire.

Beat my Runs and Hits Picks:
LAA - 5, 10
DET - 4, 8

TV: Kay Cop