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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 21/162

GAME THREAD - Tigers at Angels - 7:05 pm PDT
Jeremy Bonderman v. Hector "Tabasco" Carrasco

We got some hot sauce pitching and it is backed up by Kevin Gregg, so in other words, we're going to need a little luck and a lot of offense tonight.

Game thread is up early because I am going to be out all day and then at the game with Missus Halofan. We are all about getting that damn Bartolo Statuette, she circled this game FIRST upon examination of the Stadium Swag Giveaways in March.

Scouting Report:
Some Angel Batters Against Bonderman
Garret 5/16 .688 ops
Erstie 4/10 .900 ops
AK 4/9 1.611 ops (and his heir apparent standing there to oomph up the motivation)

This might be the game they start Howie at, perhaps as DH.
It would be nice to be there for the debut of what appears to be a slam-dunk Future Top 100 Angel.
With Izturis' injury being a little more severe than originally reported, looks like Howie might be around a while...

Random iTunes Lyrics
Can you squeeze me
into an empty page of your diary
and psychologically save me?
I've got faith in you.

Beat my Runs and Hits Picks:
LAA - 5, 11
DET - 3, 9

TV: Kay Cop