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Angels WIN

Panther of the Game:
John Lackey.

We got to the game just in time to see the team take the field. I hadn?t heard the starting lineups, as we were stuck in traffic due to road construction closing road lanes leading into the stadium. In other words, fuck you Mayor Curt Pringle, I hope Arte gets millions and millions in damages against you.

So we sat down, and I looked through the binoculars and saw Kennedy leaning on the railing. A second or two later the team runs out and Adam does not make a move. Yep, here comes #47, Howie Kendrick. Very exciting to be at the major league debut of a player about whom much has been written (although I was at Alfredo Amezaga?s debut as well and that was the sole exciting moment of his career). While Howie did nothing at the plate, his glove work was fine and it was best to get the butterflies out of the stomach and simultaneously keep A.K. fresh with a nice day off. Reggie Willits also made his ML debut, coming in as a pinch runner for Edgardo Alfonzo in the 8th and staying in at CF.

So Lackey was dominant, Figgy was smart on the basses, Garret checked in as the only lefty, Vlad got a pitch to hit and he killed it. Nice to see a homerun at home! Shields came in for the 9th inning and gave up a single to Magglio Ordonez, only the 2nd hit of the game, and Vlad nails the Detroit Fatass on a perfect throw/slap to Kotchman, erasing the baserunner 9-3 for those of you keeping score at home. Casey had been brought in for defense in the 7th, as well as a morale boost until the kid can bat his damn weight.

We ate a mid-game meal at Angelitos, the Mexican restaurant behind centerfield. They have improved the speed and politeness of the service, as well as incorporating thick tortillas that can actually hold the contents of their burritos, but the salt content in their guacamole made an almost edible snack almost inedible. Until Aramark poisons its flatulent CEO J. Neubauer, I am on full boycott of this customer-loathing cartel.

Great game, shitty food ? be warned, bring your own food to the ballpark, you wouldn?t feed your pet what Aramark, Inc serves at Angel Stadium.

To top it all off, getting out of the stadium at rush hour was almost impossible. Kevin Gregg, in a black SUV, tried to cut me off. No way buddy, you're gonna need a W or two under your belt this season before the courtesy is extended.