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New Boot on Monday

Pitcher Chris Bootcheck arrives in Anaheim on Monday. Reggie Willits returns to Salt Lake.

Jared Weaver is not yet on the 40-Man Roster and it would have taken a little more drastic maneuvering to bring him up.

Hector Carrasco is still the scheduled starter for Monday night's contest, but expect a short leash and a Boot to the middle relief.

Assuming that Bootcheck eats up a few innings in the next day or two, watch him get sent down in favor of one of two 40-Man Roster outfielders we have avalable: Nick Gorneault or Tommy Murphy.

An optional (and perhaps optimum) scenario would be a stellar outing by Tabasco or New Boot leading to a confident Disabling of Kelvim Escobar and the probable callup of Jason Bulger to strengthen the bullpen over the next week or two.

Of course, they could always just cut Esteban Yan and open a spot up on the roster for Jared. Nah, too easy...