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Sweepless in Seattle


Final Score in Seattle:

LAA - 8-12-4
SEA - 10-13-0

WP: Piniero (1-0)

LP: Lackey (0-1)

Blame of the Game:
Esteban Yan

Time: 3:01

ATT: 20,051

There were so many bright spots amidst the misery.

Carrasco had a great debut. Lackey only stunk during one patented Lackinning, G.A., Rivera and Salmon had homers. Kingfish off the bench, Johnny Rivers added a late double... a lot to like here.

BUT... Scioscia bringing in Yan, Keeping in Yan, calling for the ibb, allowing Yan to pitch to Sexson... all bad, bad managerial chess here Mike.

Only Angel wihtout a hit was Casey Kotchman.

A loss that showed a good team makeup, if anything is to be gleaned at all.