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Final Score in Seattle:

LAA - 4-9-1
SEA - 6-11-0

WP: Washburn (1-0)

LP: Weaver (0-1)

Blame of the Game:
Jeff Weaver

Time: 2:42

ATT: 21,394

Again, it looks unlike any Angel team that the predictive classes described in their pre-season dogpile.

Hitting, power from Salmon and Cabrera.

Meanwhile, the #3 slot produces #5 pitching, Weaver shoots the pooch in the early innings, ends up with a little stamina, but five earned runs is five earned runs and Donnelly sure helped make the decision to bring in Yan last night look good.

But a few good things about this club:

1. They don't give up as quickly as the people who post on this site.

2. All three Seattle games were held in check, yesterday down by 6, today down by 3, but never DOWN, so hopefully something coalesces in all of this.

3. Managerially speaking, Rivera should have pinch hit for Ersty, not Fonzie. Otherwise, Mike's lineup was not awful and Salmon paid dividends.

So there is three things to think about...

Betcha Kennedy demands a trade if he gets platooned often - the market value being adversely affected by regular Lefty benchings.

Let's hope the pitchers just have a little dead arm and this picks up, while the rough leather is just a transitional phase. But if Seattle pitching is not the excuse for a little more Angel pop at the plate than expeced, this team is going to compete.