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What Would You Ask Arte?

The Angels are off today.

If you were given thirty seconds to voice an opinion to Arte Moreno, and were told he was ready to act on your suggestion, with the only subjects not up for discussion being player personnel moves or the team name, and you cannot ask him for a job, what would YOU focus on?

I would be torn ? do I...

1. Complain about the stadium food and slow service?

2. Ask him if stadium security could force parents to mind their children?

3. Wonder aloud who in the organization is so unpatriotic that they regularly butcher the national anthem by disrespectfully assigning its public rendition to an off-key pubescent Orange County blonde in a low cut hoochie top...

4. Maybe get in a dig at Steve Physioc discussing games from the past instead of the one we are watching, even with a positive spin about how great Jose Mota is, could they give him more play by play time with Rex...

I dunno ? what would you suggest to Arte?