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Highlights of the opening night festivities:

Tim Salmon receives the largest, loudest and longest ovation I ever recall at the stadium.

Wally Joyner throws out the first pitch to Salmon behind the plate. Wally has the Kojack look down pat. He looked great in the Red Angels Dugout Jacket.

They still play Calling All Angels but have a better montage with clearer shots of historic Angels.

They still skip everything between April 1991 (Langston/Witt no-no) and the October 2002 ALDS in that montage - the winged Disney logo has been vanquished.

The Starspangled Banner is sung by some American Idol chick in low risers - and a brunette to boot! The military flyover drowns out two lines near the end - quite unpatriotic! She does the 7th inning stretch as well - but only one chorus of it...

Raising the AL West 2006 Championship Banner - Bill Stoneman (on his birthday no less), G.A., Ersty, Figgy, Bartolo and Vlad

They still play Enter Sandman as the team takes the field.

Fewer Yankee fans than I ever recall. Maybe the transplants heeded our word and went home!

They had a great jumbotron graphic of Kelvim ready upon the occasion of his 1,000th career strikeout.

Announced attendance of 44,221 is the largest regular season crowd in the (post-1996) remodeled stadium.