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Light Up That Round Ring

Angels WIN

Final Score in Anaheim:

NYY - 1-6-0
LAA - 4-8-1

WP: Escobar (1-0)

LP: Chacon (0-1)

Save: F. Rodriguez (2)

Panther of the Game:
Kelvim Escobar

Time: 2:45

ATT: 44,221

Orlando Cabrera put us ahead, Escobar was precise, but dozens of strike two foul balls got that pitch count way up (96 pitches in 6 IP), Shields had a grounder when he needed it most (with the bases loaded), and Frankie tied a club record with his 20th consecutive save (Troy Percival also had that many).

One great thing about Angel crowds these days... they expect to win, and you will hear about it.