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Final Score in Anaheim:

NYY - 33-99-0
SEA - 1-1-27

WP: Mussina (1-0)

LP: Colon (0-1)

Blame of the Game:
Bartolo Colon

Time: Was basically over in forty minutes

ATT: 44,022

I guess you have to figure on losing a third of your games and it is choke-jobs like this that you hope are just some inevitable alignment of a planet that has yet to be discovered and not a pattern of a Cy Young winner turning into a goat.

A-Rod owns Bartolo Colon. The gas went out of what appeared to be a hungry and patient Angel attack - they sat on a few pitches, for a weird change, but then just looked disinterested once the game got out of control.

I will take a loss to the Yankees in April and a victory over them in October any season. We won the series, anyway. Bring on the Rangers.