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Light 'er UP !

Angels WIN

Final Score in Anaheim:

NYY - 2-5-0
LAA - 3-7-1

WP: Santana (1-0)

LP: Johnson (1-1)

Save: F. Rodriguez (3)

Panther of the Game:
Adam Kennedy

Time: 2:33

ATT: 44,044

Someone, somewhere, has to punish umpiring travesty Joe West. To think that we won this game when it was being gift-wrapped by a fat crooked bastard of a home plate judge simply pleases the soul.

Ervin Santana threw 103 pitches, and even though the official line is that 62 of them were strikes, it was more like 75. Easily.

Adam Kennedy uppercut slash-n-slap swing did what it was patented to do - defeat the blazing fastballs of the East. Kennedy's triple was the difference. Quinlan in the lineup mattered as he scored on A.K.'s hit, as did Ersty-spelling CF Juan Rivera.

Randy Johnson had 8 strikeouts and NO walks - but an atypical Angel lineup battled out 7 hits, almost every one of them critical to the outcome.

Scot Shields was Clutch-a-Rooni, the Late Innings Treat, two nights in a row. Casey K was brought in for late-inning D over Q and assisted the W.

Frankie got a save, but not without a little drama - another game, another solo shot, another stat-notch Sv for all the fantasy league owners who drafted him not Gagne, eh? ! ? !