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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 35/162

Game Thread - Angels at White Sox at 5:05 pm (Pacific) on FSW
Ervin "Black Magic" Santana versus Charlie "Tim Wakefield" Haeger

The bandwagon of former Cubs and Blackhawks fans will be filling Kid Gleason Stadium to watch their team in all its trendy glory, this time with a knuckleballing rookie making his ML debut

Scouting Report
Some Angel Batters Against Tim Wakefield
Garret 18/57 .959 ops
Vladdie 6/13 2.073 ops
Rivera 3/7 1.000 ops
Tim Salmon 12/48 .778 ops

Maybe Ozzie Guillen will shoot off his stupid mouth before the game and the White Sox will host an Ozzie Demolition Night and the team will forfeit the final two games of the series. Remember when the White Sox wore shorts as part of their day game uniform? No uglier than Ozzie's mouth.

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If you stay
I'll stay right beside you
And my love
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Work Is A Four-Letter Word

Post Your Runs/Hits Picks by Game Time
MINE: LAA - 4, 8 ... CHI - 3, 7

Let's Go, ANGELS!