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Figgy is Not Cutting It

Chone Figgins is reminding me a lot of David Slumpstein lately. When your sparkplug is not working, your car drives like crap - just transfer that metaphor over to our offense and see why the ignition never sets anything off, lately...

Figgy's last 11 games:

10 for 42 (.238)
8 singles / 2 doubles
4 BB
9 K
3 SB/2 CS
5 runs scored, 1 each in 5 of our losses

I hope he breaks out of it.

Figgins is loved by the Halo Nation, but he really:
A.) should learn to bunt...
B.) look in the mirror, realize he is not Vlad and take a damn pitch now and again
C.) pressure the defense - those CS would not bug me if I knew he is always creating havoc, but more and more he is quite polite on the basepaths.

If either rumor of him being traded along with Kennedy and Shields for Manny Ramirez, or with Santana, Alfonzo, Donnelly and Kennedy for Lastings Milledge and Kaz Matsui - if either comes true, I hope we always remember him as good but not great catalyst and don't hang a rose-tinted portrait of the perfect Angel on our walls the way Slumpstein is still venerated in the hallowed halls of L.A. of Anaheim.