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Rainout Makeup Date not too clear

Today's rainout will be difficult, if not impossible, to reschedule in U.S. Cell Stadium of Comiskeytown.

The Angels and White Sox have very few days off that match up together during the rest of the season. The only date they share off that would not violate the Major League Players Days Off policy is Thursday, July 13, which is the fourth day off in a row during the all-star break for both teams.

If they do not play on that date, look for a Day/Night Doubleheader in Anaheim on Monday 9/11 or Tuesday 9/12. This is not unprecedented, playing what was a team's postponed home game at the other team's park late in the season.

Considering what a hostile and vile pig Ozzie Guillen has been in his relationship to our team, it behooves management to be as unaccomodating as possible to Jerry Reinsdorff's Dirty Laundry in this matter.

In other news, Alfredo Amezaga still looks like a twelve-year old.