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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 36/162

Game Thread - Mariners at Angels - 7:05 pm (Pacific) on FSW
Kelvim "The Manicure" Escobar Vs. Joel "The Tilde" Piniero

What part of "It is the Mariners!" do you not understand?

Key Matchups
Best and Worst Angel Batters Against The Tilde
Vlad 4/13 1.246 ops
Juan Rivera 0/5 .167 ops

Worst and Best Mariner Batters Against The Manicure
Richie Sexson 0/6 .143 ops
Carl Everett 4/11 1.591 ops

Land Ho!
Kelvim has not really mastered these division rivals over his career.
Let's dock that all tonight.

Random iTunes Lyrics
Mama mama
mama mama
Mama's Boy!

Post Your Runs/Hits Picks by Game Time
MINE: LAA - 5, 12 ... SEA - 2, 5
Let's Go, ANGELS!