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Light Up The Treadmill

Angels WIN

Panther of the Game:
Juan Rivera

I almost put the Kingfish as player of the game, but there have been a few that could have gone to others that I swayed his way, so tonight we had to sway to the big big bop by Johnny Rivers.

Kelvim flat out stunk, had himself a patented Weaver/Lackey inning, but was blessed by the bats under a Full Moon. Figgins was also lousy, but everyone else was great, even D-Mac got some hits.

Salmon's 998th career RBI was a solo homer in the 3rd inning, the 295th roundtripper of his career. His 999th career RBI was a bases loaded walk driving in Orlando Cabrera just a silly inning later.

An exciting, sloppy game, definitely the best way to get the homestand started.