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Runs and His Picks

Standings After 36 Games:
16 - goodvibes61
11 - yeswecan
08 - angels4adam
08 - Rev Halofan
08 - jjackflash
06 - rikter
06 - chompo
04 - WiseAndEck
04 - P237
02 - ScottD00
01 - eyespy
01 - sipperphoto

Before each game, you can post your guess for the Runs and Hits of the Angels and their opponents.

1 point is rewarded for each correct run total or hit toal for either team.

At the end of the season the winner gets an all-expense paid trip to nowhere and bragging rights throughout the postseason.

Our current leader, goodvibes61 correctly predicted 2 numbers in a game 4 times this season.

angels4adam and yeswecan did it twice.

jjackflash and rikter each accomplished this feat once.

Last season, cupie got all four for one game and, apparenty, retired from this event.

Nobody who picked an opponent over the Angels managed a single correct pick at any point in the season so far - no profit in the don't pass line, folks....

There is a lot of time left in the season, so post your picks before gametime every day!