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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 37/162

Game Thread - Mariners at Angels - 7:05 pm (Pacific) on FSW
John "Big John" Lackey Vs. Jarrod "Lambeau" Washburn

The past is close behind. After taking a swat from Bengie and Glaus (not to mention scoreless ball from Jake Woods last night), it is time to make Mister Stoneman look passably competent.

Key Matchups
Best and Worst Angel Batters Against Lambeau
Tim Salmon 2/3 2.667 ops
Chone Figgins 0/3 .000 ops

Worst and Best Mariner Batters Against Big John
Jose Lopez 1/8 .250 ops
Richie Sexson 5/11 1.318 ops

Land Ho! John has not really mastered these division rivals over his career. Let's dock that all tonight.

Random iTunes Lyrics
You four years on
You still look the same
I think about time
You changed your brain

Post Your Runs/Hits Picks by Game Time
LAA - 8, 13
SEA - 3, 7

Let's Go, ANGELS!